idea aborted

Todd Akin Lost it
Todd Akin Lost it .. again

USA —The great anti-abortion warrior, Mr Todd Akin, the Republican United States Senate nominee from Missouri, who recently became famous over his “legitimate rape” comments, today aborted an idea in mid sentence and a sentence in mid-speech.

Mr Akin was repeating a comment he made several years ago, on the floor of the House of Representatives, by saying that abortion has deprived the nation of many fine americans that could be around today fighting in the war of terror for our great nation and what not, were it not for the terrorist american doctors that have been providing abortions to non-pregnant women, pregnant men, cats and dogs.

“And let me tell you” continued Mr Akin after a momentary pause, “that those americans that are not around today are some of the finest americans that could have ever been. They could have been doctors, lawyers, bankers, congressmen, senators… in short they could have been everybody with a good job, not like the deadbeats that are alive today who wait for government welfare cheques while impregnating their wives, girlfriends, neighbors and what not… ”

Wow! At this point Mr Akin lost his train of though somewhere at an off-track train station and aborted what he was saying, shook his head and walked off the podium.

It was the first abortion he has ever made in his life.


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