Saudi Arabia censored, cut off from the internet

Cut Off
Cut Off

After suggesting that other countries censor the internet lest more muslims die in a self inflicted fiery rage, Saudi Arabia got its wish and even more than it bargained for.

Deeming Saudi Arabia a country un-fit for the modern area, of which the internet has been a big part these last 20 years, the nations of the world decided to cut off the conservative islamic kingdom from the internet.

Also keeping in line with their assertion that there is no God but Allah and there is no book but the Koran, it was also promptly decided that no e-books, books or other reading materials would be exported to that country.

Also, in the interest of word peace, no radio waves will enter the kingdom from the outside world. A specifically constructed electricity field will be constructed around its borders to enforce this ban.

The UN is still holding an open forum for your suggestions as to what else can be done to prevent any offensive ideas from entering the brain of a saudi devout muslim from the outside world.

Given the very delicate nature of such a religious brain and the threat facing world peace due to its instability when placed in contact with offensive information, all efforts are being made by all to quarantine such brains from the kind of information that creates combustive conditions.

Who would have thought that the third word war could start from an idea, a poem, a drawing or a film? Well, now many people think that so we are doing something to prevent it.

And we certainly hope nobody dies because of this article.


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