service allows people who have no desire to know their ancestors to permanently erase that information across the internet

Finally a service you’d like. Were your forefathers (and mothers) complete losers? Would you rather nobody ever finds out? We can help. does just that. Just type your name and it is done. It is free or your free money back guarantee.

If you still find your name on producing results you dont like, there are a number of possibilities:

  1. There could be someone else who is not you with the same name
  2. You could be adopted and this is not your real name
  3. You could be seeing things that are not there
  4. Your forefathers foresaw this and hid their data in a read only database
  5. They were either too notorious or too famous, meaning efforts to erase their memory are too involved
In any case if we fail to completely erase your pedigree, we will also erase any evidence that shows we tried. There is no charge for this service also.

Soon to come from the same company: (erase any part of history personal or otherwise, that you don’t like)



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