Binders full of rich people donate to both presidential contenders

a peek into one binder of money
a peek into one binder of money

With election spending soon to hit one billion dollars from both presidential contenders, it was revealed to the american public that the source of most of that billion, is the binders full of rich people donating to either, or both presidential contenders’ advertising budgets.

“The universe of rich people is an amazing thing,” says professor Sam Uncle of political science, who is following the science behind this election very closely.

We asked profesor Uncle to elaborate a bit on this amazing thing, and this is what he said:

“Every binder of groups of rich people, contains in itself countless binders of rich people, each of which in turn contains millions and millions of binders full of money. Some very large binders suck in other binders that come close enough, to create a black hole of a single money binder, from which no money ever escapes except for the express purpose of ensuring the binder’s future long term money sucking in prospects. The density of the money that is stacked up in there is very high. I am not talking about spare change here, but crisp 100 dollar bills packed very very tightly together. It is an amazing thing to observe. Maybe one day humanity will reach into the depths of one of these binders to enjoy the full wanders it has to offer, but alas, such binders are out of reach for almost all of us, almost.”


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