Presidential campaign tops $2B, reinvigorating the economy

we need more elections like this
we need more elections like this

One of the greatest boosts to the US economy recently, causing a major drop in unemployment, has been the presidential campaign spending at over $2B.

This is the best economic news for incumbent president Obama, and his greatest hope of getting reelected.

As Romney hires more and more people across the nation to make his case, the extra cash in their pockets is giving people a false sense of economic revival with a ripple down effect as yet more people are hired by the campaign of Mr Obama to laud that false sense.

In two weeks time though, nobody will even pay a dime to take down all those posters and stickers, and with millions of election workers out of work wishing another election as rich as this one, we expect a lot of voter regret, whichever way they vote on.

The best outcome for these people is for this election to go into a tie, and the process to be repeated once more.

And so on, for the next four years.


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