Apple Stores in New York and elsewhere weathering out the storm behind iBags


Apple has done it again.

The most innovative company on earth brings you the iBag, the most storm resilient bag ever invented by man to face the wrath of nature.*

No matter if it is a hurricane, frankenstorm or earthquake you and your properties are safer behind an iBag.

An extremely versatile product it has already made its way in the urban battlefields of Syria, used by both sides with great success to stop the bullets and grenades on their tracks.

You have a problem, or emergency? Don’t worry! Just put an iBag over your head and carry on. Nothing bad can happen to you.

On top of all this, you can also safely store your iPhone, iPad, iPod and Macbook in a specially built elegant compartment on the iBag.

Now your life is complete and you could not be found wanting anything else.





*) Our correspondent also found out, that as the dark clouds gathered to deliver their storm, Apple delivered its iCloud.


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