Same news item gets more attention if posted on popular website, media research shows

TORONTO — The publication of a news item on a popular news website gets more attention that the publication of the same news item on a less popular website, according to research from LoyaltyOne, Northwestern and Ivey Business School. The “2012 LoyaltyOne Media Impact Study” establishes the popularity link long sought by media strategists — irrefutable proof that it matters more on where you publish than what you publish. This includes all types of news items, sensational or non-sensational, the type of news in question does not change the research conclusions at all.

This news that just came out today, just a few seconds ago to be exact, is published first by WowNOT, the source of news that make you say, “wow!”

It will undoubtedly be broadcast by countless other news media outlets shortly afterwards, if you just read of it on this website consider yourself lucky, you are one of the lucky few.


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