There is a reason the hurricane hit mostly areas that vote for Obama, new attack ad from the Romney campaign says

the hurricane and the 'blue' states
the hurricane and the ‘blue’ states

A new political ad from the Romney campaign, airing today in many battleground states, claims a divine hand in the punishment handed out by hurricane Sandy to the eastern US seaboard.

Superimposing a map of projected electoral results in the states mostly hit by the natural disaster, the ad implies that this is a punishment from God against those states that are projected to vote for Obama in a bit more than week from today.

The ad also adds that it is no coincidence that this ‘punishment’ came right before these states are heading to the polls to give Obama a second term for running the country in the wrong direction, away from where most god-fearing americans would like the country to run to.

“These natural disasters are a sign from above” the ad says. “God has always done this since Sodoma and Gomorra.” Noting that there was also increased seismic activity on the west coast, the ad concluded with the words: “Watch out California, you are next!”

Islamic fundamentalists also commented on the hurricane attacking the US. Wagdi Ghoneim, a radical cleric from Egypt called the hurricane a punishment that Allah dished out on americans over their production of the mohammed insulting video. Whereas the radical saudi cleric, Salman al- Audah, said that this natural disaster was a signal from Allah to americans to convert to islam before it is too late.


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