Limited Freedom Day

the great dear leader
the great dear leader himself

NORTH KOREA — Today, in a sign that the communist dictatorship is toying with the idea of loosening its iron grip, it was announced that every citizen will be required to express an opinion of theirs free of fear of retribution in case the opinion in question breaks the laws of the people’s republic, as it has often happened in the past.

The so called “Limited Freedom Day”, which as an idea came down straight from the very top, meaning the great dear leader himself, aims to lower the stress the average north korean endures while trying to formulate thoughts into words, lest those words take unapproved meanings with dire consequences for their life.

“Speak comrade!” are the posters that are coming up accross the country. Long lines of people are lining up in front of “speaking booths” where the citizens will speak their allowed one thought of the day in front of party officials that will note it down for statistical reasons.

No harm will come to anyone on account of what they will HGH say, note party officials overseeing this unique exercise in freedom of speech. There are however limits as to what can be said, such as no mention or a hint of mention of the great leader himself. On top of that, whatever is said must be said with the full conviction and force of conscience of the person saying it. No insincere uses of this unique opportunity to express one’s thoughts will be tolerated.

“The ultimate success of the political model ruling that country, is when its people freely and with full conscience express thoughts that are in line with the party ideology.” says Kim No, a south korean psychologist and political scientist who follows closely developments in the north. “It is the holy grail, the ultimate aim of any totalitarian system.”

It is expected that this move will be embraced by other countries in the world, to test the waters with freedom of speech, in a controlled fation.

“Say anything about the profet day” is such an initiative being promoted in a number of conservative islamic countries, expected to yield similar results.


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