overwhelming support among americans employed as custodial staff give Obama a second term in office

now out of work
this Obama supporter is now out of work

USA — President Obama won another 4 years in office yesterday, mainly due to certain demographics of the american population such as blacks, latinos, women, and young immature voters. However one particular demographic that voted overwhelmingly for the president at 97%, is americans employed as custodial staff.

This was nowhere more clear than in the state of Nevada, where this particular demographic is employed in the gambling institutions where romney supporters come to gamble their money away and enjoy the pleasures of sin city.

The increase in such jobs means an increase of democratic voters, spelling trouble for the republicans that have created them.

It is now clear that republicans must eliminate such jobs and the people performing them, in order to remove this long term political threat to their hope of ever re-gaining the white house.

At least one republican employer, vacation time-share mogul David Siegel, today fired everyone making less than $30,000 a year from his business empire, a key Obama voting demographic.

With more employers to follow suit, this signals the beginning of the elimination of the low-class, which comprises that vast majority of the american population.

Obama however, is responding in kind by hiring all of them back, to work for the government.


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