The rich deport selves to another country

scenes from the exodus
scenes from the exodus

The self deportation of the rich has started and it is becoming a major exodus.

Fed up with discrimination at the hands of the 99%, this vulnerable minority has decided to create their own homeland, where they would be in the majority, hence less likely to face discrimination again in the future.

Although several historical homelands of the rich opened their doors to this latest exodus, including Switzerland, Monaco, Bermuda and others, this time around the rich have decided to create a brand new country, in an artificial island in the middle of the pacific ocean, where no taxman can swim to, fly in or walk/drive to.

This new country will be called Richrael.

A promised land for rich is now a reality. The UN will soon consider a formal application from the new country, making it the newest (and richest) member of the family of nations.

marines: to serve and protect richrael
marines: to serve and protect Richrael

Although the new state of Richrael will be surrounded by hostile poor nations, who will undoubtedly attempt to raid and invade for its riches, it will be defended by the best that money can buy, including units of flying robots, diamond tipped missiles, gold and platinum plated tanks, super dogs and sharks with laser guns mounted on their heads.

Its restrictive immigration policy will ensure that the rich never again become a minority in their new country and its rich character is maintained for ever.

The constitution of the new nation also ensures that only the wealthy will vote, hence the poor minority will not have any political clout at all.

As of press time, rich people across the nation are flocking to their luxury yachts, private jets and helicopters with their most precious belongings and their money, ready to start the voyage to Richrael.

Fired up and leading the exodus with his own private jet plane, is richish people’s rights activist Donald Trump, who is also expected to be the first president of Richrael.

The president's Seal
The new country’s flag


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