Investigators believe New York Post secretly hired man to push commuter into train tracks

The story surrounding the saga of a commuter pushed onto the subway tracks by a total stranger, all the while a professional photographer was shooting the whole ordeal for the New York Post, took a strange new twist today, with investigators uncovering a link between the pushing suspect and the Post’s editors.

This goes a long way towards answering the very big question on everybody’s mind after the intense cover of the New York Post the very next day. Why didn’t anyone help him? If there’s enough time to capture a dying man’s last moments before getting hit by an oncoming train that’s that worthy of a tabloid cover, couldn’t the photographer have lent a hand?

Investigators now believe that Post freelance photographer R. Umar Abbasi — who had been waiting on the platform of the 49th Street station — was not there due to sheer coincidence. He was waiting and ready to take the pictures for which he got paid handsomely.

Now the question on everyone’s mind is morphing to: why would the Post go to such lengths to get a picture for its cover?

What’s next? Is this going to be the Post’s next shocking headline?


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