If those kids were armed, this would not have happenned


The NRA finally broke their silence today, after a week of not uttering a word on the elementary school masacre, where a heavily armed gunman massacred 20 unarmed kids and 6 of their unarmed teachers.

“If those kids had the right hardware to defend themselves, that madman would have had to think twice before bursting in and shooting them point-blank” a statement from the NRA read.

“The nation does not need stricter gun laws, but looser ones. Every american over the age of 6 needs to have the means to defend themselves. If guns are outlawed, then only outlaws and madmen would have guns!” the statement concluded with an oft used statement by the pro-gun lobby.

Various gun manufacturers are already manufacturing a mini-gun specifically tailored for child use, to be sold in toy stores. This little gun shoots live ammo with relatively high and deadly precision, despite its small size.

Pending a further loosening of the gun laws, it will be the present every child would want on his or her 6th birthday, because it would be the toy that goes a long way towards ensuring that they live long enough to reach adulthood and realize all of their childhood dreams.


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