politicians who risk being shot by voters for supporting gun control need our full moral support

thegunMuch ado has been made over gun control as of late. Proponents of such a move dream of a world without guns, while opponents of one full of them.

Never before has the american political landscape been so polarized over a single issue.

While still in the minority, there are some brave politicians out there who brave the bullets to support political measures aimed at gun control.

These politicians deserve our full support, for they are out there taking a bullet for us, to ensure that some day, not too far in the future, that bullet will only come out of an illegal gun.

If we have grown to love the guns over the past decades or so, we must now learn to hate the guns and those who shoot them at innocent children, moviegoers, shoppers, churchgoers and even innocent other gun-loving people.

Those who will die in the process will not have their lives wasted in vain. Or will they?


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