Iran successfully launches space monkey in space


The islamic republic of Iran has shocked the animal rights community today, by sending a monkey in space. The monkey nicknamed “Moe” took this brave leap of faith to demonstrate the technological prowess Iran has been able to achieve in the past few years with Allah’s help.

Alone at the controls of a “Pishgam” rocket, made in Iran with parts and service from Russia and North Korea, Moe cruised at an altitude of 100,000 feet and then returned to his tribe.

Western nations worried that Iran is developing monkey technology with military capabilities also condemned Iran’s move. Animal rights groups also claim that Iran is showing worrying signs of collecting other animals with the intention of creating a Noah’s Ark type spaceship. They also claim that the animals are indoctrinated to the point of being directed to perform suicide missions by plunging from space on various targets, which could also be other peaceful earthbound animals.

“Iran’s actions are beyond any humanly imaginable savagery” concluded the animal right’s groups statement.



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