World Hijab day to be followed by World miniskirt day

World Hijab Day
Many women, one indistinguishable from the next, marched on World Hijab Day.

Today is World Hijab Day, a movement that calls on non-Muslim non-modest women to try out life under the traditional head scarf. Can it lead to more religious tolerance and understanding? Only time will tell.

“Because I’m not very skilled I’m wearing what you could call a one-piece hijab – you just pull it over your head. But I’ve discovered the scope is endless. It is ideal if you want to go rob a bank. There are all sorts of options.”

So says Jess Rhodes, 21, a student from Norwich in the UK. She had always wanted to try a headscarf but, as a non-Muslim, didn’t think it an option. So, when given the opportunity by a friend to try wearing the scarf, she took it.

“She assured me that I didn’t need to be Muslim, that it was just about modesty, although obviously linked to Islam, so I thought, ‘why not?'”

modest women
modest women

Rhodes is one of hundreds of non-Muslims who will be wearing the headscarf as part of the first annual World Hijab Day on 1 February.

Why yes! In the name of tolerance every group should try to be like the other, just for one day in a year. The world miniskirt day is coming up, where all these hijab wearing women will come out in droves, wearing just miniskirts and tank tops.

Additional reporting by the BBC.


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