Burkhas for Female Babies

modest women
there is a baby in there, somewhere

A Muslim cleric in Saudi Arabia has called for baby girls to be born in burqas. A simple pre-natal medical procedure would ensure that the female fetus is not born naked.

Sheikh Abdullah Daoud made his demand in a television interview and said it would stop child and baby sex abuse in Saudi Arabia. Only girls would be born wearing burqas, and continue wearing them until they die,  he said.

This would help subside Saudi man’s lust, which at this point does not even distinguish between babies and non-diaper children.

Daoud told al-Majd TV that babies were being abused in the desert kingdom but refused to divulge his sources for the claim.

Senior Islamic officials criticised his fatwas and said it was unregulated and without force.

Under strict Islamic law, females must don the burqa when they reach puberty.

It is about time that law was made a bit stricter.


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