Berlusconi attempts to buy votes, your daughters, before the general elections


Silvio Berlusconi is trying to buy votes and the daughters of voters in Italy’s election on Sunday by sending out letters with concrete financial offers for either item, his rivals have alleged.

The letter was sent to voters with young daughters in swing regions of Italy.

“I’d like to swing your daughter too – for a fair price” the letters concluded among other financial incentives for the vote in the upcoming.

The letter to voters outraged his opponents.

“If I’d crossed paths with Berlusconi after the letter was sent, I’d have told him he’s a cheat,” said Mr Bersani, whose long-time lead in the polls has been gradually cut back by Mr Berlusconi. “Now he is going after every young woman to boot. This is just too much to bear.”

Former anti-mafia prosecutor Antonio Ingroia, who leads new left-wing Civic Revolution party, said on his website: “With the letter sent to Italians promising money in exchange for votes and sex, Berlusconi has committed one crime, possibly two.”

He called for Mr Berlusconi to be prosecuted.

The letter came in an official-looking envelope, headed: “Important notice: sell me your votes, if I throw in a few more euros will you throw in your children?.”

It was sent to millions of households in Sicily, Veneto, Campania and Lombardy – key regions with large numbers of good looking young Italian women, which could decide the result of the election, which is held on Sunday and Monday.

Mr Berlusconi has declared: “I am italian. Italians will never misjudge me for that.” in reference to the offers contained in the letters.

But Mr Monti, who is also heading an election coalition, retorted: “When I said that Berlusconi would try to buy the votes and the women of the Italian people with the money of the state, I didn’t think he would [do it] to the letter.”


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