Comedian elected in Italy on an anti-politics ticket

Beppe Grillo, Laughing all the way to the Bank (err. Parliament)
Beppe Grillo, Laughing all the way to the Bank (err. Parliament)

After realizing the long established fact that comedy does not pay, an Italian comedian successfully transformed himself into an anti-politics politician (in his own words) to become the new kingmaker of Italian politics.

Beppe Grillo, just made a lot of people laugh in either disbelief or relief at his political success, in an election the featured other seasoned performers of the italian political scene, such as Silvio Berlusconi and Quentin Tarantino.

However, 64-year-old Grillo is barred from standing in parliament due to previous convictions for manslaughter.
“Honesty will be fashionable again,” he announced on Twitter.

Grillo has risen to popularity by attacking corruption in Italy and Europe’s elite and political classes. Strangely enough that has resonated well with voters of all senses of humor.

Grillo isn’t afraid to upset those in power and point the finger – he controversially called for priests to be allowed to have children “so they don’t touch other people’s.”

David Weigel of Slate wrote “Today, the fate of the world economy rests with an Italian stand-up comedian.”

In the meantime, Italy’s economic woes seem to have worsened and that is honestly no laughing matter.

After all is said and done, someone will have the last laugh and someone else will laugh bottoms-up.


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