World’s Least Developed Nations warn: “You can not hold us off forever. One day we too will have our own atomic bomb!”

One day...the bomb is coming to all these countries, to say the least
One day…the bomb is coming to all these countries, to say the least

The Organization of the World’s Least Developed Nations (OWLDN) held its annual meeting today at a shack near the capital of Togo, one of the members of the organization which also includes other countries from all of the world’s continents, such as Somalia, Mali, Rwanda, Burma, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Haiti, Samoa, Western Sahara, Eastern Sahara and Sub Sahara.

At the end of the meeting the participating nations issued a joint declaration to the rest of the world, warning that they will not be least developed for ever.

“One day we will have our own internet, satellites, roads and fast food chains. We will be able to manufacture our own bicycles, cars and planes. Our slaves are working tirelessly under the direction of their rulers for that day to some sooner rather than later.  On that day we will have everything you have and we don’t today. One day we will have our own atomic bomb.”

The organization congratulated other formerly least developed nations who now also have the bomb, led by North Korea, Iran and Japan.

“We are eagerly awaiting to follow in your tiny footsteps” the communique stated referring to these countries.

“The bomb will bring prestige, respect and international attention to our lot.” it concluded with a veiled warning “Don’t try to stop us! Sanctions will not work, we have them already. All human achievement belongs to all humanity, including the atomic bomb, and that includes us too!”


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