We still throw the best funerals, North Korea reacts to Chavez funeral

Chavez Funeral
Chavez Funeral

As the world gathers to say farewell to the Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chavez, a word of condolence came from North Korea along with an observation: “Still, Nobody says farewell to a great or dear leader like we do!”

“We sure know how to throw a funeral,” the bragging north korean official working at the foreign ministry added. “This Chavez thing, maybe it comes in as a distant second or third. Nobody can emulate or parallel the amount of grief we mobilized for the Great Leader first and then for the Dear leader a few years later. That was really something for the record books!”

Now let me tell you a couple more things, since you have not lived in a dictatorship in a long time and don’t know how it really is.

There are people out there who genuinely feel sad for Chavez passing away. But can they also genuinely grieve, with a full and pure conscience if necessary, like our people did for the Great/Dear Leaders?

Have you ever seen a mountain cry? What about a hill? What about a mound of dirt? Nobody has seen them cry, even here, but every North Korean will tell you with the greatest conviction that there was nothing left, animate or inanimate object, that did not cry and grieve for our deceased leaders.

That, my friends, is what I would call a true conviction. A feeling only a true communist system can achieve in all of its citizens!

You latin americans are too soft. That is why true communism can never come to you no matter how much you try to learn from the best, us.

Sure, you can embalm your Chavez, like the russians did with Lenin, but how many of your people would actually die of grief in front of his glass coffin, today and in the days and years to come?

I doubt you can come even close in that aspect either.

Still, congrats for putting a show. Show must go on. Just know this:

If you don’t learn from the best, you will die like the rest.

...and they are still crying
…and they are still crying




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