All of local man’s “brain-children” are failures

The latest dead brainchild
The latest dead brainchild

As the  local man’s latest brainchild, a local dating website, falters early on in its infancy, people familiar with the trend admit that this latest pear did not fall far from the main pear tree.

Prior to that, the local man who is also an avid self styled “self-employed” web developer, has also seen at least a dozen other brain-children falter and fail, in what has become the above mentioned trend.

“The site just didn’t catch on, instead, it joined the millions of other brainchildren of the world that die in infancy due to the very harsh business climate we live in” he said in a brief statement to the assembled local press. “Although a lot of thought and passion went into it, and the logical outcome should have been different…”

“Maybe I could try my luck with biological children. ” said the local man shaking his head towards the end of the press conference – “If I could get my dating site off the ground just enough to help me long enough to create the necessary conditions for that.”


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