We’re pulling out of all screwed up places by 2014

The pullout
The pullout

We are pulling out. Of everywhere. And fast.

We are pulling out of Afghanistan by 2014. That country is screwed up now, and it will continue to be screwed even after we finally pull out. That’s the way of life. Life just repeats imitating the worst part of itself.

Are we pulling out too soon? Only time will tell.

Iraq also got the in and out treatment at the end of 2011. That place is still pretty screwed up, still! Once the US pulled out, the Shiites, Sunnis, and Kurds of Iraq went right back to their usual business of blowing each other, up. Non stop!

What can we do?

We usually go in for all the right reasons only to pull out for all the wrong ones. And while going in is a well publicized affair, shown live on CNN and arousing all sorts of extreme passions from all sides, the pull out business is a pretty low key. There is no glory in pulling out. It is just that.

We are spent.


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