scientists confident the ‘God particle’ exists, still not sure about ‘God’

It is somewhere in there
It is somewhere in there

Today on March 14 — a.k.a. 3.14 — known as the Pi Day after the mathematical constant that describes the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, and also the first day of the new Pope on the job, scientists have come up with a new discovery combining both faith and science into one, the ‘God particle.’

“Now we are pretty sure it exists” – one of the scientists commented about the particle, “not so sure about God still” he added.

A rock from Mars also made news today, showing possible signs of possible life on the red planet, however without the particle even that rock would not be a rock at all, so it had to take second place to the ‘God particle’ news.

This is indeed great news for the scientific community and for the rest of us. Without the ‘God particle’ there would not be mass, and without mass even the rocks falling from the sky would be harmless. Imagine that, without the ‘God particle’ you can not even stone someone to death! That’s just some dumbing it down for the majority to understand the magnitude of this discovery now that we are pretty sure about it.

According to sources close to the small group of scientists making the discovery, the particle they discovered in the process has now undergone extensive testing, and analysed two and a half times more data, leading to them confirming their beliefs.


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