anti-police brutality protest met with police brutality

the protest
the protest

Montreal, Canada — Hoping for the best, but ready for the worst, thus anticipating the worst, police came out in force to face off the 17th annual anti-police brutality protest. After all was said and done 250 brutal protesters were arrested by peaceful officers.

Two police officers were also taken to hospital, according to Montreal police spokesman Laurent Gingras.

One of the officers had two broken teeth and another felt unwell.

The demonstrations, which have been held in Montreal every March for the past 16 years, are meant to support International Day Against Police Brutality, but have been known to end with violence and mass arrests.

“It looks like a sport now. Some people are coming to different protests because they want to have a good time,” according to the police spokesperson.

Similar protests also took place in Iran, Russia, China and North Korea, but it was a drastically different story there compared to the Montreal protest.

Those protests were far more peaceful.

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