It is stupid to hate stupid people

Some people hate stupid people. Well, they are stupid. If you hate them you just became one of them, if you were not one already.

Think about it. If you can. What can you hate a stupid person for?

His stupidity? C’mon, you don’t need it.

The fact that he has more friends than you?

Or because he is more stupid than you? More or less?

What a dumb feeling that is. Hate of the stupid.

You don’t hate cows do you? And yet, they are by all accounts, stupid.

You don’t hate your computer either. Then why do you sometimes scream “I hate this stupid computer!” The same goes for your smart phone and every other stupid thing you own.

If you hate stupid people you hate yourself. Stupid.

Stop hating stupid people.


They will hate you, no matter if you’re stupid or not.


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