Scientists Find Universe Is 2 Years Older than Itself

A snapshot from a European satellite had scientists from Paris to Washington celebrating a cosmic victory of knowledge Thursday — opening the door to a new examination on something that has eluded the brightest minds of mankind, the age of the universe.

The Planck space telescope mapped background radiation from the early universe — now calculated at about 13.8 billion and 2 years old.

This new examination of what is essentially the universe’s birth certificate has produced some startling results.

At 13.8 billion and 2 years — 2 years older than scientists had previously thought — the universe is an old man about to get even older. After the latest discovery that is.

How did it get this old? That is the question the scientific community is now struggling to answer. Did the miscalculation in Universe’s age so far affect the opportunities presented to it, and were there any of those opportunities that were missed because of it? That’s another question that a large number of people with IQ over 160 and PHD’s are taking a shot at.

It is a shot in the dark, but still, it is a shot that must be taken since it is the only shot we have got.

The universe is old and older.

This is old news already.

And getting older by the minute, by the second and by the microsecond.



Birth of the Universe.JPEG
This image of the Universe’s birth certificate was released on Thursday March 21,…

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