Mich. student, 15, killed himself to be remembered


DETROIT — Classmates and community members will hold a candlelight vigil Thursday night in Southgate, Mich., to remember a 15-year-old who used a handgun to end his life so that he could be remembered for something in life.

The young boy, who until yesterday was an anonymous unknown unpromising young man, had no friends and never displayed any public emotions of joy, shot himself once with a .40-caliber handgun which he turned onto himself, stunning other students who happened to be there when this tragic event happened.

“Everybody who wants to pay their respects to him is going to come with a candle,” said a friend of someone who thought he knew the teen, who plans to attend the gathering.

It’s a way to show him there there were actually people who cared about him, she said.

As school leaders grapple with what happened, the shock and sadness has hit social media, where fellow students asked for people to pray for their classmate’s family.

They were also very grateful that he did not shoot anyone else.


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