Apple to skip number 6, going directly to iphone 7


The tech world is buzzing with anticipation of the latest in the long and successful line of iphones, after Apple computer readies itself for the release of iphone 7. This has been e bit surprising given the fact that iphone 6 is not out yet. Apple seems to have skipped a number, or has it?

“The issue with the number 6 is that it is not a lucky number” an Apple employee who asked not to be named said. “It rhymes with sex, sick and expenssive, and three sixes in a row are associated with the number 666 which is the number of the devil.”

7 is a sexy number too and a lucky one. Besides, it has been 7 years since the release of the first iphone, so it is more fitting to call the next one iphone 7.

This amazing device will support both fingerprint reading and smell identification. The new iphone7 will unlock itself by sniffing its owner.

In case smell recognition does not work, like in the case when the iphone7 owner just took a shower, then finger recognition will come in handy.

Who would not want to own this stinkingly sleek gadget?

And, by the way, the iphone 7 will set you back $700, not $600.


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