young idiot dying to start a war

the young idiot also inherited this gun
the young idiot also inherited this gun

Pigyoungyang, North Korea – Our international desk reports disturbing news about a young idiot named Kim Jong Un, who inherited some very cool things from his deceased father.

Like any young boy whose father has just died, Kim wants to do something with all the things now at his disposal. It is a similar pattern with young people everywhere, same as with that american youngster who as soon as his father was dead and buried, trashed every single one of his dad’s luxury cars, including two lamborghinis and a ferrari.

Kim aims to trash something bigger. His father left him a war machine, and he is dying to do something with it. He is also dying to make others die from it. All of Pigyinyang is also dying to see young Kim just do it. 

Maybe he will unleash this war machine on his grandfather’s death anniversary to maximize on its symbolic value. Or maybe young Kim will start the war right after everyone believes him when he says that he will start a war. Right now he has put his war machine in gear and is fiercely stepping on the gas and spinning its tires. Cool!

In other words Kim is dying to start a war. He is dead serious about it. Take that! Dead Dad!


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