Allah is getting pretty annoyed with crowds taking to the streets to defend HIS honor

death to infidel bloggers
death to infidel bloggers

Allah the almighty is feeling slightly irritated these days with certain people who claim to represent him, HE wrote in his heavenly blog today.

Some of them have recently taken to the streets to demand punishment by death to anyone that mentions Allah’s name in a certain way that is deemed offensive to them! Holy fuck! What a sordid bunch of losers! Do I have to wait until they join me in hell to give them a proper education?

With those questions ringing in HIS ears, Allah is considering sending them another flood. Will they learn this time around?

Either way the masses are in dire need of Allah’s weapons of mass destruction.

Sources report that Allah summoned Mohammad, the prophet of Islam, to express HIS displeasure and convey HIS decision to punish all those who attempt to do HIS job on earth. “Put some common sense into your followers, or else… ” Allah reportedly told Mohammed.

They need to understand one thing very well: Allah is great and there is no other Allah but Allah, so only Allah has the power to decide who goes on living and who dies.

No kidding!


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