the Muslim Brotherhood invites Jon Stewart to make them laugh – seriously

that's why we pray, just to make it today
that’s why we pray, just to make it today

Much ado has been made recently about the delicate relationship between dictatorships and humor. The main premis is that totalitarian minded people don’t have a sense of humor, case in point being a recent spat between the “Muslim Brotherhood,” the islamist group running Egypt, and Jon Stewart the american comedian running the “daily show” a show that deals in daily comedy.

That perception is something the Muslim Brotherhood would like to change. For this reason they have extended an official invitation to Mr Stewart to make them laugh, that is seriously make them laugh.

In a press release they stated that Mr Stewart needs to understand their sense of humor. The muslim brothers can be brought to laugh with tears if they see a jew being beaten up live on TV. That’s an idea for Mr Stewart to consider. Making fun of christians, atheists, gays and lesbians is also funny. That’s the only freedom of expression the brotherhood will tolerate, with a smile.

“We sure have problems here in Egypt, but their burden becomes lighter if we have something to laugh about” – the statement went on adding that – “if we can not laugh we will never be able to find the energy to impose our will on the rest of the country. If we can not impose our will on a lowly comedian, how do you expect us to be able to do that?”

That is why we pray to allah to deal with this comedian and others like him, so that they do not have the last laugh.


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