North Korea’s last threat not as serious as its first one

the dear leader and his friends
the dear leader and his friends

Amid great fanfare, North Korea launched today its latest threat directed at the United States, South Korea and Japan. The last in a long line of serious threats, this last threat is one that no one can remember.

While everyone still remembers the first threat detailing plans for a nuclear attack on the White House, Austin and Hawaii, this last threat seems to have garnered the least amount of attention.

Some people say it was something about releasing radioactive monkeys or biological weapons carried by an army of infected rats, but we can not be sure which one it is.

Another source reports of the latest threat as being a public display of anger and hatred of the west, however another one reports that it is a routine display of the unity of the North Korean people and their determination to carry through with releasing yet more threats.

However it is much more likely that the latest threat was in essence a threat that there would be more threats until everybody started taking the great leader seriously, and his threats.


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