most people who commit suicide, leave behind a suicide note

suicide notes
suicide notes

Recent data on suicides indicate that the vast majority of those who decide to end their own life, leave behind at least one suicide note. The first thing people ask in such an event is also, “what did the suicide note say?”

“Nobody wants to leave without leaving something behind, it is human nature” Dr Phil e renowned psychologist and talk show host remarked after the latest study. “Although most suicide notes are similar in content and add little to the combined knowledge of humanity” noted Dr Phil.

Most of them are actually pretty dull. Some are well researched treatises as to why life is not worth living. Some others end with a note of optimism. Take for example the note left behind by a suicide bomber who in an upbeat twist noted that “in heaven he will have all the women he wants and they will all be virgin.” No virgins on earth will miss him although he still left looking forward to something.

Bottom line is they all leave something for us to ponder for a moment or two.

Then we can all forget about it.


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