Tired of being attacked again and again by people whose names we can’t pronounce.

Difficult names
Difficult names

As the nation breathes another sigh of continuing unease over the latest planned or executed terrorist attack, a sense of frustration settles as everyone stuggles with the pronunciation of the perpetrator’s names.

When it is a gun nutt, or a nutcase like for example Tomothy McVeigh or Adam Lantza, that’s at least some names that are familiar and we can say without much problem . But how does anyone fucking say “Dzhokhar Tsarnaev?” Can these people at least pick an easier name that won’t prolong our suffering while trying to say it?

Also, how the fuck does one say: “Chechnya?” And where the fuck is this place? Is it even a country or a place from the far off reaches of hell?

C’mon you fucking “what’s your name”, give us a little break!



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