Neighborhood residents arm themselves on ‘shoot to kill blocks’ amid rising crime

shoot to kill
shoot to kill

Crime in an Oregon county has reportedly gotten so bad that residents are vowing to protect themselves on so-called “shoot to kill blocks” instead of awaiting authorities to respond in a more professional manner.

Several news outlets report that Coy Tolonen, who lives in unincorporated Clackamas County, and a group of Jennings Lodge residents are responding to escalating crime in their neighborhood by posting fliers that read: “This is a shoot to kill block. We don’t call 911. We shoot at will.”

“We’re starting a new group,” a heavily armed Tolonen said. “I’m now praying somebody offers himself as target practice very soon.”

Petty crime like stolen lawn ornaments and other acts of vandalism are plaguing the area, said Tolonen, whose lawn statue was recently stolen from her front porch.

“I will defend myself — and my home by shooting any loser or deadbeat that moves,” she said.

Tolonen, who saw the man who stole the statue and unsuccessfully tried to apprehend him, got on a war footing following the incident.

“I think more people should be trained in the art of war,” she said, adding that all of her neighbors are blowing their war horns as well.

The fear, Tolonen said, is that thieves will become emboldened further and arm themselves too. In her case, Tolonen was home watching “cops” on TV, at the time when her statue was stolen.

“The TV was on,” she said. “If he got in the house, what then?”

Authorities, meanwhile, have cautioned against vigilantism.



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