New Al Qaeda leader has huge shoes to fill, and he shows it

The current leader, whose name we just can't bring ourselves to remember
The current leader, whose name we just can’t bring ourselves to remember

Ever since the death of Bin Laden the organization he founded has struggled to find a leader of his charisma and composure. This has never been more evident than yesterday, when his former sidekick turned current Al Qaeda leader, feebly called for “small” terrorist attacks in the USA.

“Let’s try to make a small terror attack inside in the USA” he was quoted as saying by Al Jazera, “anything, no matter how small, even blowing up a garbage can, next to the white house would be a great morale boost in these times.”

The organization who once captured world attention with the destruction of the twin towers, is a shadow of its former self regardless of the size of the upcoming wishful thinking terrorist attack that its current leaders are calling for. Hopefully some crazed maniac will just wake up one day and machine gun a whole bunch of people on his own initiative, allowing the organization to claim responsibility. There is no shortage of them in the USA, thank god.

Regardless, things really look bleak in the near term for the Qaeda.

Th former sidekick turned current leader, whose name most, including this correspondent, do not even remember, is faced with a stark choice: “Either do something, or resign from one of the most successful terrorist organizations to ever walk the earth.”

Few other world leaders would want to be in his position. Too bad!


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