Apple corporation has just announced the end of the long line of its most successful product in history, the iPhone, and is about to release the first version on the next line of its most successful products in history, the iShit.

Apple enthusiasts reacted with joy at the news that something else is coming up that will make them line up for days and wait with great anticipation for the coolest shit out there, the iShit.

“I love iShit” one excited apple fan declared excitedly. Asked to elaborate more by our correspondent, he added “because everything Apple does it is da shit!”

Everybody is already speculating as to what the new device will do, presumably around the area of shit. Perhaps it will make your shit smell nice, or even talk to you, or disappear before you even flush, or wipe itself off your ass with only one swipe of the index finger.

While there are also some critics saying that Apple is about to flush a lot of money, and shit, down the toilet, most view it as the ace up Apple’s sleeve, or leg pant, that will keep it growing exponentially for the foreseeable future or at least until the sun runs out out of energy and we are forced to look for another planet to shit on. “This is the era of intelligent waste and Apple shit” a business analyst noted after the news. “This shit will fertilize the mighty Apple moneymaking tree to keep it growing money on its branches and leaves for ever.”

Apple employees are smug and tight lipped about the new hot consumer product, giving little information about it and leaving everything else to the imagination.

One of them only let it slip that “It is going to be hot shit!”

Think about it while you shit.


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