Local man intends to pay off debt in a currency that does not yet exist

The advent of cryptocurrencies has placed the financial world on its head, creating countless financial opportunities for losers who’d otherwise be slaves of the system until they die.

One of these would be slaves is a local man buried in debt so deep you’d think he’s been swallowed by a sinkhole of financial obligations. Yet he is wearing a smile so wide it could wrap around a city block. Why? Because he has discovered a limitless, bottomless supply of money to deal with this issue, debtcoin.

Following closely in the digital footsteps of bitcoin, dogecoin and countless others, debtcoin is a virtual currency for dealing with real debt.

The man intends to start minting debtcoins before the end of this month, when his minimum payment on his visa is due. He has already purchased a laptop for the task and has placed it firmly on his lap. The next steps are easy.

According to local sources, his debtors are as of yet unaware of man’s plans to pay off debts with a currency that does not yet exist, but they will no doubt be thrilled at the news.

Like we were.


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