Dirty words make better passwords

Unconfirmed sources confirm that dirty words and the right words to chose for your next password, as new research shows.

Words like “F**k”, “Sh**t”, “F***ing”, etc, are even written as passwords in regular written discourse. They were always meant to be used as such.

Got that you miserable longeared slack assed motherfucker with a cunt for a mouth, if only you could suck my ass while licking my balls then you would be considered to be half fucking human, but then again you are only the biggest cock sucker in the world with shit for brains and your fat ass is so open from being corned holed that you cannot even see your nose that is so far up the bosses ass that you need to be ejected before he takes a shit you lying no good cheating bastard with shit for brains take a long flying fuck off your ugly bitches pockmarked face while you suck eggs through a straw?


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