Chubby Monkey Upset Rest of the World not under his dictatorship

Chubby Monkey has da bomb
Chubby Monkey has da bomb

It was reported today that North Korean Leader Kim Un, expressed extreme regret that the rest of the world does no live under his harsh communist dictatorship.

“Democracy bad” declared the chubby-monkey looking dictator of short build, “I want world not bad.”

According to analysts, what he actually means is that he can not stand the fact that there are other humans in this world he can not control. and punish, over the things they do. Take for example the movie “The interview”, a movie which is filling Kim with rage and thoughts of strong desire for invading the United States of America. They could not make this movie if they lived in the most glorious country on earth, North Korea.

“Right after we win world cup by beating america in the final 3-0, they do this movie” a simple North Korean citizen from Pynpongyang noted after hearing the news. We just finished mourning Kim Jong Il (North Korea’s previous leader and current leader’s father), it is very bad for america to remind us that our current leader is mortal too.

According to those who have seen the movie, “The interview” is a comedy which not only reminds us that Kim is mortal, but that he also farts, shits, burps, smells bad and is a inglorious sack of manure too.

Now, tell that to the North Korean people.


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