Clever people full of shit, say clever people

Several clever people confirm today, that whatever clever people say, they say it with a ‘tongue in cheek.’

“A clever person will never tell you what he thinks, but what he wants you to think he thinks,” added a clever person,  “think about it.”

For example, when a clever person says: “everybody is afraid of terror”, what does he mean by that? Some time ago another clever person said, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” If we were to take these two saying as equivalent, then we are on to something in starting to decipher clever people’s messages to us.

Or, let’s take another example. Suppose you are in a room with some clever people and someone farts. Who will speak first? (after the one that farted) What will they say? Why? These three questions will never have an answer that satisfies all three, not even partially.


Because clever people are full of shit, and a fart can never reveal how much shit lies beneath. It is only a smelly indicator, nothing else, a honk, warning that shit just took another turn on its way out.

You are incapable of understanding anything clever people say. Even your mind is simply a caricature of a clever person’s brain farts, honking all the way to a diarrhea of senseless shit.


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