China lanches new tool aimed at controlling the level of sarcasm directed at China

The Great Sarcofagus
The Great Sarcofagus

China’s Great Cannon and the Great Firewall, which censor the internet consumed by the Chinese, now have a new addition, the Great Sarcrofagus, a tool that moderates the level of sarcasm aimed at China.

This tool takes straight aim at spoof and sarcastic websites, especially, by slightly modifying words and phrases in every news piece to redirect its sarcasm elsewhere.

For example, a recent article by the Onion running under the title “China Recalls Everything”, was modified after running through the Great Sarcofagus filter to read “China, Recalls US Businessmen, Controls Everything for the Good of its People.”

Another article that originally read “China Celebrates Its Status As World’s Number One Air Polluter” came out of the filter reading “China Celebrates Its Status As World’s Number One.”

“China is number one at everything, censure first and foremost” – said an expert -, “The Great Sarcrofagus is a very clever tool for moderating the information flowing into the dumbest of craniums, sarcasm in particular.”

You might not notice it, because the changes it makes are subtle, but its effect is powerful because even changing a word in a sarcastic sentence defangs it completely into a cheap silly joke.

Even the title of this article was run by this tool. It originally read “China Eat Every Bit.”


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