Timid Baltimore Protester breaks into mall, steals “Mall Cop” DVD

paul_blart_mall_cop_cd_001As rioting continues in Baltimore, store shelves are emptying fast. Unlike the rich pickings of the early days of looting what is left on the shelves are but some unwanted DVD’s, gossip magazines and toothpicks.

As one timid protester found out as he entered the heavily looted store inside the Baltimore mall, there was not much left to take, so he had to make do with a DVD, which as it turned out was Paul Blart’s classic comedy from 2009, Mall Cop.

“All I need now, is a place where I can steal a DVD player, ” the timid protester timidly murmered to himself.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 5.11.02 AM



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