New rail line to facilitate movement of migrants in the works

After seeing the suffering and foot blistering sacrifices that most migrants are making to reach Germany, Chancellor Merkel has come up with a new idea to help alleviate this problem, by connecting migrant producing with migrant welcoming nations via a rail line, which while still would move people very slowly, it would still be better than walking.

migrant train with cargo
migrant train with cargo

This train will mainly run on renewable energy, due to a german invention which uses human waste to power a highly efficient engine.

It is therefore guaranteed that the train will not run out of fuel somewhere along the way, although it might make a few pit stops along the way to pick up more cargo (and fuel)

The final stop of this line will be Berlin, where chancellor Merkel will personally greet and welcome each and every single one migrant getting off the train to a land full of opportunities to earn money, rape and be happy and reproductive.




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