Security Services arrest man who knows “What terrorists want”

What do they want? What does this shit mean too?
What do they want? What does this shit mean too?

In a major blow to terrorists, security services today arrested a man who, they claim, knows what terrorists want.

“This is exactly the type of knowledge we have been lacking in our multi decade long fight against islamic terrorism, and all other forms of terrorism” a top ranking security official who wished to remain anonymous said. “Now that we will (eventually) know what terrorists want, we we also know how not to give it to them” he added with a wink.

While the general public remains skeptical, like they tend to do when news with headlines like “Number X in the terror group Y leadership killed” hit the fan, there has been renewed interest in the topic now that the question on everybody’s minds and lips is about to have an answer straight from the horse’s mouth.

“Still, knowing what they want will not immediately end the problem of terrorism itself” the security official added, “first we need to know what terrorists want, then we will set about to figure out about how to stop them from getting it.”

Now, that’s some mind blowing shit.

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