New law would require all muslims in Europe to swear a pledge of allegiance to “European Values”

where do they stand?

A new law being debated in the European Parliament these days is taking aim at Europe’s problematic muslim minority’s rejection of secular european values in favor of medieval religious ones, by requiring all to swear allegiance to the former at regular intervals.

The law would apply not only to those muslims living in Europe today, but also to their children and their children’s children once they reach a proper age to either be radicalized or become model citizens.

“The pledge of allegiance would remind them of their civic duties, and would further help with their assimilation into European culture and society,” one of the law’s top proponents said to the media.

“Either that, or, frankly we’ve run out of ideas as to how to deal with this problem,” added the lawmaker with a shrug.


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