The World Health Organization declares Islam a public health hazard

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June-11-2016 – The World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations public health arm, declared today the religion of Islam a public health hazard, after strong evidence pointing to this particular religion’s ideology as the main culprit for pushing numerous mentally ill people to the tipping point, at the detriment of society and the well being of others.

In an extraordinary press release calling the religion of Islam the catalyst of a worldwide mental disease outbreak, the WHO also called for the immediate cessation of all religious instruction and indoctrination, adding that while addressing the most problematic of the bunch, other religions as well must be kept in check in accordance with UN regulations.

In that vein, WHO also applauded various countries who have passed laws against religion in recent years, such as Iceland which outlawed Christianity with the aim of “protecting the elderly from scams, our children from nightmares, and the general population from chicanery.”

WHO also added that banning Islam would improve human health worldwide, with the prevention as a result of many unhealthy practices such as genital mutilation, honor killings, underage rape by marriage, ritual fasting, touching the ground with the forehead for extended periods of time, banging the head against the ground, etc.

praying for even more rights
praying for even more rights

In addition to health benefits, there are also many societal benefits to the banning of Islam, such as the emancipation of women and freedom of speech.

WHO is only taking the first step in a range of measures to be taken by other UN agencies for tackling the problem of religion in general and of Islam in particular as a mental disease catalyst on a near massive scale.sheepcircling

This declaration is expected to cause mixed reaction in the world, especially in countries where such proclamations are punishable by death by stoning.

US presidential candidates also welcomed the move, with Donald Trump tweeting: “Ban it now! Build a wall so that not even Allah the akbar and their Mexican allies can get through to us!”

Whereas a spokesperson for the Clinton campaign said: “Imagine that! No Religion! No Islam too!”

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