Trump in disguise spotted during New Year’s Eve groping attacks in Cologne

In a new revelation that is sure to sink the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, witnesses, victims and perpetrators have come forward identifying Trump as taking part in the sexual assaults disguised as a refugee. “Grab them by the pussy,” a male voice sounding a lot like Trump in an audio recording of the incident can be heard as saying, “just like it says in the Koran,” the voice continues allegedly urging on muslim migrants to assault women and girls present in the square.

orange dot
orange dot

“If you look closely at the picture, there is this hoodie clad man with orange hair sticking out on the side.” said one of the journalists that has written extensively on this case. “That’s our man, the Donald.”

Some former confidantes also claim that Mr Trump told them after that incident that “there was a lot of pussy that night” and that “he just could not let that opportunity just pass.”

Pressed about these new allegations, Donald Trump said that he could not remember much about the new years eve, but he did not deny getting some new pussy that night.

“It was my New Year’s wish and it came true” he said.


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