Islam the Migrant

islamist-advantageIslam is a man

let’s call him ‘slam

he likes to travel

and settle down

he does not smoke

he does not drink

he does not speak

to you and me

we have an open mind

for ‘slam and co

we open it so

they come right in

‘slam is hungry

and horny too

open your legs

he’s coming through

‘slam is strict

when it comes to food

but as to fucking

he can’t resist

there are things he does

and things he will do

but whatever shit happens

it has nothing to do with ‘slam

all ‘slam wants

is halal to eat

a place to stay

a wife to beat

‘slam thinks you too

should be like him

if not by choice

by convincing

‘slam does not like to think

and hates those who do

he beats up reason

into submission.

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